How We Do Business

Our Philosophy

At Oronite, our philosophy is to operate with integrity in every aspect of our business. People, partnership and performance are at the heart of what we do. Maintaining trust with our customers, supply partners and employees requires a commitment to conduct business worldwide in a socially responsible and ethical manner. Our efforts in health and safety, reliability, community awareness and outreach, responsible care and environmental protection speak to this business philosophy. In each of these areas, it is our daily practice to ensure we strive to achieve the spirit of partnership and world-class performance.

Oronite Values

Our company's foundation is built on our values, which distinguish us and guide our actions. These values are: Integrity, Trust, Diversity, Ingenuity, Partnership, Protecting People and the Environment, High Performance.

Operational Excellence

We define the systematic management of safety, health, environment, reliability and efficiency to achieve world-class performance as Operational Excellence (OE). Our vision is to be recognized and admired by industry and the communities in which we work as world-class in safety, health, environment, reliability and efficiency.

The single largest factor for success in operational excellence is leadership. Leaders are accountable not only for getting results, but getting results in the right way. Leaders at every level are also expected to foster a culture grounded in operational excellence.

Operational Excellence Expectations

We assess and take steps to manage potential risks to our employees, contractors, the public and the environment within the following framework of OE Expectations:

  1. Security of Personnel and Assets
  2. Facilities Design and Construction
  3. Safe Operations
  4. Management of Change
  5. Reliability and Efficiency
  6. Third-Party Services
  7. Environmental Stewardship
  8. Product Stewardship
  9. Incident Investigation
  10. Community Awareness and Outreach
  11. Emergency Management
  12. Compliance Assurance
  13. Legislative and Regulatory Advocacy

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