teri crosby

vice president, global technology

Teri Crosby is Vice President of Global Technology for Chevron Oronite.


Her 30-year career has focused on lubricant, fuel and additive performance. Crosby has worked at Oronite since 1991, having gained a wide range of practical experience as Technology Manager for Marine Lubricants, Global Marketing Manager, Global Account Manager, Advisor to the President, Global Manager for Industrial Engine Oils, Fuels & Specialty Lubricants and Global Manager for Passenger Car, Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Oils & Viscosity Modifiers prior to her current role.


Prior to Oronite, Crosby worked in the Aerospace Industry designing military jet and rocket engines and holds a bachelor’s degree in Mathematical Sciences from Florida State University (1982) and a master’s degree in Statistics from the University of Florida (1984).