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International Lubricants Standardization and Approval Committee’s (ILSAC) GF-6 specification is an automotive specification aimed to meet new standards of fuel economy, low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) and additional wear protection. Oronite started working on the passenger car motor oil (PCMO) technology to meet this specification in 2011 and developed the OLOA® 55600 additive package, which has been thoroughly tested in real-world conditions for more than one million miles. In addition, OLOA® 55516, a proven additive package designed for API SN Plus meets the ILSAC GF-6 specification, giving customers even more flexibility in choosing the right solution for their passenger car product line.


More about ILSAC GF-6 and frequently asked questions.

flexible solutions

Solutions that include helping prevent LSPI.

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Meeting global turbo GDI performance needs.

introduction to ILSAC GF-6

ILSAC GF-6 is the latest in a series of PCMO performance requirements from GF-5 through API SN Plus and now into GF-6, aimed at going beyond mitigation of LSPI to further increase fuel economy, enhance oil longevity and improve wear protection and emissions control.

ILSAC GF-6 performance relative to GF-5 and API SN Plus performance.

frequently asked questions: GF-6 and Oronite's products

What solutions does Oronite offer to meet ILSAC GF-6?
Oronite has a flexible solution in OLOA® 55600, a cascadable additive technology that can meet API SP, API SP with Resource Conserving, ILSAC GF-6a and ILSAC GF-6b as well as dexos1TM Gen2 performance specifications. OLOA 55600 has proof of performance in all GF-6 testing. The official first-licensing date to be approved by the API Lubricants Group was May 1, 2020. OLOA® 55516 is another option, as it also meets the ILSAC GF-6/ dexos1TM Gen2 specifications. Both OLOA 55600 and OLOA 55516 have pour-point depressant embedded versions available with OLOA 55603 and OLOA 55517, respectively.


What is meant by "cascadability"?
OLOA 55600 will have different treat rates based on your requirements. Fully cascadable additive technology can simplify your logistics. One flexible additive means only one tank to supply all your products. Within the bottom and top of the cascade, there are many options for performance differentiation.





fully cascadable additive technology can simplify your logistics

What is the difference between OLOA 55516 and 55600?
OLOA 55600 was formulated with our award-winning OLOA 55516 technology in mind. While OLOA 55516 is ILSAC GF-6/dexos1TM Gen2 capable, OLOA 55600 was built with further robustness in fuel economy, deposits and LSPI mitigation. Both packages meet the requirements for GF-6 licensing. If you currently use OLOA 55516, it will provide logistical advantages to help keep transition costs low in moving to ILSAC GF-6 products.


What base stocks are available with OLOA 55600 for GF-6?
Oronite provides coverage in widely available Group II and Group III base oils across applicable viscosity grades.


What viscosity modifiers are covered for GF-6?
Oronite has full coverage across its PARATONE® viscosity modifier (VM) product line including 24, 35, and 50 SSI OCPs. Certain combinations of VM and base oil will require additional bench testing only.

flexible solutions to meet your ILSAC GF-6 needs

Oronite's existing product architecture, which provides a connection to our strong ILSAC GF-6 and dexos1™ Gen2 technology platform, supports ILSAC GF-6 in both main tier and full synthetic products with widely available coverage in API Group II and Group III base oils across applicable viscosity grades. Our newest additive package designed to meet ILSAC’s GF-6 specification is OLOA® 55600/55603, which is fully cascadable, meaning you can use the same additive with customized treat rates to provide options for product differentiation.




our GF-6 solutions have been rigorously field tested and are suitable for use in hybrid vehicles

product profiles to meet your global turbo GDI performance needs

By leveraging an innovative and proven technology platform and offering a broad range of logistical benefits and base stock coverage for blending options, Oronite continues to deliver flexibility and value to its customers through our PCFlex ADDvantage™. Plus, our integrated, global supply chain is well prepared to reliably meet your API SN Plus needs around the world.

Chevron Oronite: a leader in passenger car lubricant additive technology

Chevron Oronite: a leader in passenger car lubricant additive technology

a leader in passenger car lubricant additive technology

Oronite GF-6 additives deliver performance including enhanced fuel economy, LSPI protection, excellent wear protection and are field proven and hybrid ready.


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