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Our customers trust us to help provide value and flexibility for their heavy duty motor oil (HDMO) needs. Whether it’s helping meet the latest industry or original equipment manufacturer (OEM) specifications or preparing for a smooth transition to the next one, Oronite has you covered with innovative technology, exceptional reliability and enduring relationships.

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Oronite introduced the first heavy duty friction modifier branded FrictionRelease™

All around the world we call it our HDFlex ADDvantage®, representing the value our customers can achieve through working with our team of experts. Our HDFlex ADDvantage consulting service delivers on the promise of innovative technology, simplified logistics and proven real-world performance.

Oronite delivers highly effective lubricant additive technology for heavy duty diesel engines. We have a long list of firsts in diesel engine lubrication starting with our invention of detergent additives in the early 1930s. We are constantly adapting and optimizing diesel engine lubricant additive technology to meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and customer requirements. And the results are reduced wear and viscosity changes related to soot, reduced ring sticking and excessive deposits in the ring belt, minimal downtime for equipment and vehicles, and an increase in engine life.


Our proven record of outstanding performance in safety and on-time delivery gives you the kind of dependability you need to keep up in a fast-moving world. We maintain a world-class operational excellence record and continually fund ongoing manufacturing and supply chain investments.


Oronite's strong relationship with major engine manufacturers provides early access to evolving engine technologies, allowing us to deliver high-performance component packages that meet our customers’ future needs. Our HDMO additive products are extensively field tested in a wide range of engines and service to help ensure proven, high performance. 



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featured products

Oronite’s latest HDMO additive packages offer you the benefits of a universal oil to help simplify your logistics without sacrificing wear protection. The API CK-4, FA-4 and ACEA E- and F-category additive packages feature our FrictionRelease™ friction modifier component designed specifically for heavy duty motor oils. 

Chevron Oronite's CK-4/FA-4 additive packages provide performance benefits in both on- and off-road applications. They also deliver on the promise of a universal oil, meaning owners with a mixed fleet of light- and heavy-duty diesel vehicles can enjoy simplified logistics, increased flexibility and the durability demanded in heavy-duty field applications.


Our formulations have also focused on fuel efficiency. Through our new Friction Release friction modifier component, we can help enhance fuel economy benefits beyond reducing viscosity.


Provides both American Petroleum Institute (API) “C” and “S” claims

Allows universal oil option for mixed fleets

Qualified with PARATONE® 8900E/68231E viscosity modifiers

Supports improved low-temperature performance, extended drain durability and shear stability

Demonstrated in millions of miles of field testing

Provides added confidence in technology

Provides wear protection

Helps maintain engine life

Provides oxidation control

Helps maintain engine efficiency and provides potential to extend drains

Keeps pistons clean

Helps maintain engine cleanliness, which can lead to reduced oil consumption

Provides a lower phosphorous technology platform

Minimizes emissions due to catalyst poisoning and maximizes after-treatment system life

Total Base Number (TBN) and phosphorous flexibility

Helps finished oil differentiation

OLOA 61105, 61106, 61107 are now available after completing a robust qualification process including rigorous testing in laboratory and real-world environments. These new products offer a high-performing, flexible solution that meet API CK-4, FA-4, API SN, ACEA E6/E9-12, and multiple global OEM claims.

OLOA 61011 leverages Oronite's 100 years of additive expertise and helps demonstrate our commitment to deliver innovative technology to our customers. This additive package meets the latest industry and OEM specifications including ACEA 2016, API CK-4, and VOLVO specifications as well as the highest levels of OEM approvals on fuel economy. OLOA 61011 additive package has been granted the MAN M3677 approval after being successfully tested in real world conditions. It is also approved for use in a wide range of base oils and is developed with a globally available PARATONE® viscosity modifier.


OLOA 61011 provides formulation flexibility for your blending needs. This top tier additive package can blend low and high temperature/high shear (HTHS) oils suitable for heavy-duty and light-duty commercial vehicles meeting Euro V and Euro VI emissions requirements and a broad range of off-road applications for vehicles meeting EU stage IIIA, IIIB and IV and U.S. Tier 4 emissions standards.


When the additive package is blended with a majority of Group II base oil and the enhanced PARATONE olefin copolymer viscosity modifier, you can obtain a cost effective finished oil solution with OLOA 61011. Moreover, it helps maximize fuel efficiency. In addition to being formulated in a lower viscosity grade, OLOA 61011 incorporates a unique heavy-duty friction modifier, Friction Release, that provides fuel economy improvement through friction optimization, as demonstrated in different engines.


OLOA 61011 provides exceptional engine protection and was developed to help lubricant manufacturers respond to the latest market challenges in terms of emissions, fuel economy and durability. It maintains outstanding wear protection, ability to help keep pistons clean and excellent corrosion control while delivering a robust low ambient temperature, cold-start performance thanks to the PARATONE-enhanced olefin copolymer technology.

Designed as a top tier heavy duty additive package OLOA 61005 has been developed for trucks meeting Euro IV & V emission standards either with or without after treatment systems. It is also backward compatible with older generations of trucks meeting Euro I, II & III.


OLOA 61005 was specifically formulated to cover the well-established SAE 10W-40 grade and also the growing SAE 10W-30 segment. 10W-30 SAE grade is a fast-growing market for heavy-duty truck engine oils as truck operators continually seek more fuel economy benefits. Our high-quality product provides a logistical advantage by offering you the ability to formulate for both oil grades using this single solution, the OLOA 61005 package with the same low treat rate.


OLOA 61005 is a concentrated product with a very attractive treat rate helping to bring cost savings to your operations. OLOA 61005 can be used to blend either full Group III formulations or Group III combined with Chevron Group II base oil. This applies to both the SAE 10W-40 and 10W-30 viscosity grades and provides the lubricant blender with greater flexibility over base oil choice as well as some potential cost savings.

OLOA 61530/61519, as SAE 5W-30/10W-30 /10W-40 top tier heavy duty packages, illustrate Oronite’s commitment to develop versatile, and highly performing products for the latest generation of HDEO engines. These additive packages have been developed to provide value and flexibility to lubricant manufacturers for their heavy-duty needs, helping them reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency without compromising engine durability.


OLOA 61530/61519 are adapted for mixed fleets meeting Euro VI emission norms. They are also appropriate for off-road vehicles in construction, agriculture, quarries and mining meeting Euro IV stage emission norms.


These additive packages meet a wide range of customer product needs for both ACEA E6/7/9/11 and API CK4/SN and API FA/SN, as well as a broad range of engine manufacturers claims.


There is no need for costly Poly-Alpha-Olefin (PAO), as these products are fully Group III. Blending with only one base oil and a proven PARATONE® modifier can help simplify logistics.


With its outstanding cylinder and cam wear protection (based on OM646 LA wear tests) and excellent oxidation control (based on Mack T13 tests) OLOA 61530 helps increase engine life and thus help reduce operating costs.


As an SAE 5W-30 low HTHS product, it demonstrates good fuel economy performance (based on OM501 LA FE test limit) which can also help reduce the total cost of ownership.

Chevron Oronite’s extensive heavy duty engine oil main cascade, composed of 4 additive packages.


OLOA 59880 is a heavy duty engine oil package designed to cover Euro IV equipment and earlier and recommended for both on road and off road equipment.


OLOA 59770 a flexible high performance additive suitable for Euro IV diesel engines and recommended for off-road and extensive on-road equipment covering also passenger car applications.


OLOA 59766 an optimized and cost-effective package for general applications suitable for Euro III and IV engines and particularly adapted for busses and trucks.


OLOA 59762, the economic additive package suitable for Euro II and Euro III engines appropriate for busses, trucks and off-road equipment.


The cascade allows you to blend a large range of finished oil for multiple applications. With treat rate cascade or few boosters, it is possible to link the economic profiles to an optimized package and to a high-performance lubricant. With one or two packages, you have the possibility to design a complete range of lubricants for heavy-duty engines and also for passenger cars, high tier trucks, and stationary engines.


Proposed final formulations are including PARATONE® enhanced viscosity modifier that delivers excellent low-temperature performance and thickening efficiency, as well as extended shear stability required in these heavy-duty applications.


The additives, the boosters and our PARATONE® viscosity modifiers are available globally. Since 2008, the robustness of the cascade has been proven. We have gathered solid field experience in on-road, off-road and mining around the globe that shows its performance in terms of engine protection thus helping to minimize maintenance cost and to reduce your total cost of ownership.


The cascade provides formulation flexibility as you can blend it in Group I and Group II base oils and in different SAE viscosity grades 10W-30, 10W-40, 15W-40, 20W-50. It allows you also to formulate a wide range of products as it meets both API CF-4 to CI-4 and ACEA 2016 E4-E7 A3/B4 and OEM claims including MB 228.3, MB 228.5 and Cat. ECF1a/ECF-2.