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Marine outboard engines require maximum reliability from lubricant products. When it comes to 2-stroke (2T) and 4-stroke (4T) water-cooled engine lubricants, we continue to strengthen our leadership in a sector that requires maximum reliability. We develop products for direct fuel injection (DFI) in 2T engines and lubricants meeting the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) FCW-WTM certification for 4T engines.

We maintain strong relationships with Japanese and non-Japanese original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) through continued and advanced technical support. We are members of the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO) committee and participate in Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) activities. Oronite can generate JASO T903 data in given viscosity grades upon request. Our highly experienced development team is supported by state-of-the-art testing capabilities for performance demonstration and differentiation. This advantage in innovative technology is how Oronite adds up for you.

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Our robust field testing proves the product quality of our 2T and 4T water-cooled and 4T water-cooled additives. The test results show that our products reduce ring groove deposits, improve rust control and improve anti-scuff protection.

OLOA® 9362 additive package

This is Oronite’s superior 2T air-cooled engine oil additive with a step toward environmental protection as this package is low ash and sulfur free. Our product is developed to fulfill very high performance levels such as ISO-L-“EGD+” level (150 index min. in the Honda® Dio 3-hour detergency test) and OEM levels (Piaggio®, Husqvarna®, Rotax®, Stihl®). OLOA 9362 also demonstrates superior detergency, dispersancy and lubricity in both low-smoke and traditional air-cooled 2T cycle engine lubricant applications.

OLOA 340R additive package

OLOA 340R is a premium quality additive used to provide outstanding detergency in outboard 2T water-cooled engines and excellent rust protection during extended engine storage periods. It boasts several NMMA TC-W3® approvals, which cover ExxonMobil, Shell and Total base stocks with various solvents, including approvals for biodegradable formulations using OLOA 340R and Estech® 2000/Hatcol® 2000. These formulations have successfully completed AF27 lubricity testing that is included in the TC-W3 specification updated at the end of 2003. OLOA 340R keeps engines clean by preventing ring sticking, piston deposits, plug fouling and exhaust deposits, and it prevents wear and corrosion.

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