Detergents are critical components of an engine’s lubricating oil, providing protection. Whether it is a lawn mower, car, or a massive two story marine diesel, engines and other machines do not run by themselves. To perform their everyday functions as well as expected, all their moving parts must be powered and protected with fuels and lubricants enhanced by some of the most technologically advanced additives.


In engine oil applications, OLOA® brand detergents perform three key functions to extend engine life:

Detergents accomplish these functions by chemically reacting with combustion acids and neutralizing them, by inhibiting deposit precursor particle-to-particle aggregation, and by inhibiting deposit formation on surfaces. In essence, the detergents function like an “antacid” for the engine, neutralizing corrosive combustion acids that would otherwise dissolve key metal parts and eventually lead to engine failure.

Detergents also prevent the buildup of harmful deposits on the rings and in the grooves of the engine pistons.  These deposits can cause the rings of the piston to stick, causing potentially catastrophic liner wear, which leads to loss of engine compression (power), poor emissions quality and fuel economy, and eventually engine failure. Oronite detergents vary in chemistry, metallic overbase value, and performance, producing different options for different customer applications.


Oronite offers two classes of detergents to meet your needs. The metallic salts of alkyl phenol sulfides are commonly referred to as “Phenates”. The metallic salts of alkaryl sulfonic acids are commonly referred to as "Sulfonates". They are both specifically designed to be soluble in oil, and insoluble in water. The detergents each serve a purpose such as dissolving otherwise insoluble metallic salts, like calcium or magnesium carbonate in lubricating oil.

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