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Oronite Gasoline Additives (OGA®)

Oronite Gasoline Additives (OGA®) are recognized throughout the world by auto manufacturers, gasoline marketers, and environmental regulators as critical in reducing or removing deposits caused by gasoline and lube oil components which degrade performance. Oronite specializes in gasoline additives that deliver performance in all types of gasoline including those containing ethanol and the E85 version.

Oronite Gasoline Additives keep engines cleaner and reduce harmful deposits and can deliver consumer benefits:

table corner Control of Harmful Deposits Possible Benefits Based on the Additive's Ability to Remove Deposits in Critical Areas table corner
Helps maintain carburetor cleanliness Restores lost power
Helps maintain intake valve and port cleanliness Improves acceleration
Helps maintain fuel injector cleanliness Smoothes rough idling
Helps maintain intake manifold cleanliness Increases fuel economy
Helps maintain combustion cleanliness Eliminates tough starts
Cleans dirty carburetors Reduces emissions
Cleans dirty intake valves and ports Helps pass emissions tests
Cleans clogged fuel injectors Reduces octane requirement
Cleans dirty intake manifolds Aids in the elimination of deposit related "carbon rap", knocking, pinging, hesitation, stalling, and run-on or "dieseling"
Cleans dirty combustion chambers Aids in the elimination of intake and exhaust valve sticking
Removes intake valve stem gum  
Lubricates intake valves  
table corner table corner

General Offerings

Oronite offers a full line of Gasoline Deposit Control Additives to meet our customers' cost and performance targets. Our products range from low-dose regulatory compliance packages formulated to meet the US EPA Final Rule Lowest Additive Concentration (LAC) requirement, through mid-range differentiated gasoline additive packages to Top Tier packages which meet or exceed Top Tier specifications set by BMW®, General Motors®, Honda®, and Toyota®.

For Refinery and Branded Retail Gasoline

For Automotive Aftermarket Products

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