Pour Point Depressants

Lubricant Oil

Did you know?

OEMs are specifying stringent limits for both fresh and used oil low temperature viscosity, and expect that lubricants for high performance modern engines meet these tough limits of low temperature fluidity.

About PPDs

The pour point of a lubricant is the lowest temperature that fluid will flow under standard conditions. A pour point depressant lowers that temperature. Pour point depressants (also known as PPDs) are polymers that are designed to control wax crystal formation in lubricants resulting in lower pour point and improved low temperature flow performance.

Product Development Process

Selection of PPD depends on the lubricant base stocks, the additive package and the viscosity index improver used in a formulation. Oronite recognizes PPD as a critical performance element in today's lubricants and works closely with OEMs to keep abreast of the real life operating conditions.

Product Line

Oronite offers a broad line of PPDs, scientifically crafted for diverse applications. We are pleased to provide recommendations from our OLOA® to enable you to choose the right one for your formulations.