lubricant additive solutions for hybrid vehicles:
unlocking the opportunity

hybrid vehicles are a bridge to the future – a natural step in the evolution from internal combustion engines (ICEs) to full battery electric vehicles (BEVs)

Lubrication implications


As regulations governing ICEs become increasingly stringent, a number of automotive OEMs are working on hybrids while developing plans to transition to BEVs over the next 20 to 30 years. Given advancements in lubrication technology toward lower viscosities and synthetics, a common belief is that oils engineered for the latest generation of ICEs are suitable for hybrids as well. Currently, OEMs are recommending standard PCMOs for their hybrid models, and have not introduced specifications for hybrid vehicle engine oils specifically.

Oronite research suggests that hybrid engines can benefit from specialized solutions designed to perform in their operating environment. Demand for hybrid-specific solutions is likely to grow as hybrids evolve and comprise a bigger percentage of vehicles on the road.


the need for differentiated oil

The ICE component of a hybrid electric vehicle shuts down while the battery powers the vehicle, the average engine oil temperature is approximately 25% lower than equivalent ICE. 

Plug-in hybrid vehicles (PHEVs) require the ICE to run infrequently and at a lower temperature than a conventional ICE. When the engine oil does not reach its normal operating temperature, there is an increased chance of water condensation from the engine blowby and higher levels of fuel dilution into the crankcase, creating engine oil emulsion that can impair lubricant performance and raise the risk of rust, corrosion, and increased sludge formation.

oronite has solutions

PCMO lubricant producers are ready to adapt to the new world of hybrid and electric vehicles. Industry organizations such as the API New Energy Vehicles Fluids Workgroup and the ACEA Future Tasks group have started looking into the need for new tests and specifications for hybrids. At Oronite, we’re putting our extensive passenger car motor oil additives expertise to work in the development of innovative solutions specific to the issues of hybrid engines. Learn more about our PCMO products >


We have several proven “hybrid-compatible” lubricant additive solutions within our existing product line.


We have specifically formulated “hybrid engineered” solutions addressing real-world severe conditions, especially for plug-in hybrids

not all hybrids are the same

Oronite is actively working with our customers on the path forward toward marketable hybrid-specific products. 

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