PARATONE® products

high-performance viscosity modifiers

Oronite is a leading global supplier of viscosity modifiers under the brand name PARATONE. The PARATONE product line is supported by a highly qualified team of technical experts and polymer scientists committed to supporting customers and developing products for demanding applications. We have an extensive history of leadership in olefin copolymer (OCP) technology, innovation and polymer architecture. With multiple strategic global production and inventory locations, we can ensure excellent reliability and responsive, customer-focused support. Oronite can provide the exact combination of performance additives and viscosity modifiers you need, when and where you need them.

innovation in OCPs

Through our partnership with a world-renowned polymer manufacturer, we design innovative solutions to help you meet the demands of a global, changing market. Our line of premium PARATONE Enhanced OCPs keeps all the benefits of high-ethylene products, such as high thickening efficiency, while delivering the excellent low-temperature properties needed in today’s demanding specifications.

world-class product line

PARATONE viscosity modifiers have a long history of proven performance for use in passenger car motor oil and heavy duty engine oil as well as many other applications. The portfolio is continuously improving to meet market performance needs.


Our products are recommended for most Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J300 viscosity grades and are designed to meet a broad range of industry and original equipment manufacturers (OEM) performance specifications at economical treat rates. In addition, PARATONE products provide improved formulating flexibility, thus reducing the need for costly specialized base stocks in many applications.


PARATONE viscosity modifiers combine excellent viscometric effectiveness with high oxidative stability. Our products provide the performance attributes and flexibility needed to formulate oils to today’s high-quality standards and stringent industry performance requirements.


All PARATONE viscosity modifiers are available in pre-dissolved liquid concentrate form, or in solid polymer form for customers who prefer to self-dissolve.



Oronite supplies more than 20% of the total viscosity modifiers market.

recent and future developments

new supply

In 2018, Oronite’s Gonfreville, France, additive plant started blending PARATONE viscosity modifier concentrates.

new third-party blenders

We have nine qualified third-party blenders around the globe, expanding our reliable international supply chain.

technology innovation

Developing next generation viscosity modifier products to meet ever changing market needs. Our PARATONE 24EX and 35EX viscosity modifiers are excellent examples.

Chevron Oronite  Introducing PARATONE 8935E

Chevron Oronite Introducing PARATONE 8935E


PARATONE® 8935E is an enhanced 35 shear stability index (SSI) high ethylene olefin copolymer (OCP) viscosity modifier designed for PCMO applications.

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