specialty chemicals

We are a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of products, which combine to form our specialty chemicals business. We are known for consistently meeting the high standards by which lubricant and fuel additives are measured. However, we don’t stop there. We offer quality raw materials, intermediates and components that can be used in other major markets and applications. 

broad specialty chemicals portfolio

Oronite’s product portfolio includes top quality narrow and wide cut Tetramer and Pentamer and highly reactive polybutene products such as Polyisobutylene (PIB) and Polyisobutylene Succinic Anhydride (PIBSA), an intermediate used to produce dispersants, alkylates, sulfonic acids and other specialty chemicals. More than ever, customers in diverse markets can rely on Oronite Specialty Chemicals for product technology and innovation.


We perform thorough testing to confirm each batch of product is within defined specifications. We adhere to a strict shelf-life policy and are committed to shipping orders on-time and in-full. When you work with the Oronite Specialty Chemicals team, you get dedicated resources to help support your long-term product needs and exceptional supply reliability through our three world-class manufacturing plants and global product terminals.


Please contact an Oronite representative for more information on our specialty chemicals. 


featured products

RM50132 and RM50142 are highly branched mono-olefin (C12 rich) used in the manufacturing of several compounds, such as branched alkyl benzenes, phenates, sulfonates, alcohols, alkyl succinic anhydride and other products.

RM50440 is a highly branched mono-olefin (C15 rich) used in isoparrafin and applications similar to propylene tetramer where a longer chain is required to improve solubility and other physical and chemical properties of various compounds.

We sell highly reactive polyisobutylene in different molecular weights with ≥99.8% vinylidene content that is commonly used in the production of intermediates for dispersants in lubricating oil applications and emulsifiers for various applications, including explosives and metalworking.

OLOA® 15500 is a polyisobutylene succinic anhydride (PIBSA) derived from highly reactive 1000-molecular-weight polybutene for optimum performance. It is produced via a chlorine-free, thermal process and is commonly used in the manufacturing of emulsifiers for mining and industrial explosives. 

OLOA 219®  is a 260BN calcium phenate that provides a base for neutralizing corrosive acids and excellent detergency for upper-ring, belt-deposit control under the high-operating temperatures encountered in supercharged diesel engines.

OLOA® 249SX is a 425BN high, overbased (HOB) sulfonate detergent/corrosion inhibitor that provides a base for neutralizing corrosive acids and excellent detergency that prevents deposits in engines operating at high temperatures. It is also used in grease and metalworking applications.

OLOA® 11000 and OLOA® 11001 are ashless 1000 MW mono and bis succinimide dispersants that provide low-temperature, sludge, varnish control and effective dispersancy in gasoline and diesel engines, natural gas, and marine cylinder lubricants. They also have emulsifier properties for applications including mining, explosives and metalworking.

OLOA® 269R and OLOA® 262 are primary and secondary zinc dithiophosphates that helps reduce oxidation, copper-lead bearing corrosion and wear in engine oils, hydraulic fluids and other industrial oils.