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We are a leading developer, manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of products, which combine to form our specialty chemicals business. We have dedicated resources and a diverse product line, including raw materials, intermediates and components. Our three world-class manufacturing plants and global product terminals give us the supply-chain capabilities to support our customers’ long-term product needs.

we mean business for mining

Industrial explosives are used mainly in the mining industry for coal mining, mineral exploration, uninterrupted mining and metal mining. Construction is also an important end-user of industrial explosives. We have a long history in Polyisobutylene (PIB) and Polyisobutylene Succinic Anhydride (PIBSA) manufacturing for use in mining applications.

We have more than 65 years of PIB/PIBSA manufacturing expertise.

We are backward integrated to produce highly reactive PIBSA which positions us well to deliver value to the mining industry over the long haul.  Our high reactive polyisobutylene succinic anhydride (HR-PIBSA) product, OLOA® 15500, is an excellent polymeric surfactant to produce emulsion explosives for industrial use such as mining, quarrying and construction. We use a unique thermal process to produce PIBSA that is chlorine free and our customers can expect consistency of quality throughout our supply network.

Our specialty chemicals business has a global footprint that spans the Americas, Asia Pacific and Europe-Africa-Middle East regions.

Our strategically positioned manufacturing facilities around the world maintain production capacity and security of supply.

Belle Chasse, Lousiana USA

Jurong Island, Singapore

We recognize the importance of specialty chemicals and how essential they are in helping to keep the world moving. When it comes to differentiating ourselves in this marketplace, there are three important ways we add value for our customers: delivering exceptional reliability, building enduring relationships and developing innovative technology. Our focus on these critical areas allows us to deliver benefits to our customers now and well into the future.







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We perform thorough testing to confirm each batch of product is within defined specifications. We adhere to a strict shelf-life policy and are committed to shipping orders on-time and in-full every time. To make sure we offer the best support possible, we maintain a constant feedback loop with our customers.


Highly branched mono-olefin (C12 rich) used in the manufacturing of several compounds, such as branched alkyl benzenes, phenates, sulfonates, alcohols, alkyl succinic anhydride and other products.

Highly branched mono-olefin (C15 rich) used in isoparrafin and applications similar to propylene tetramer where a longer chain is required to improve solubility and other physical and chemical properties of various compounds.

OLOA® 15500 is a polyisobutylene succinic anhydride (PIBSA) derived from highly reactive 1000-molecular-weight polybutene for optimum performance. It is produced via a chlorine-free, thermal process and is commonly used in the manufacturing of emulsifiers for mining and industrial explosives. OLOA 15500 benefits include emulsion stability, extended shelf life, and a wide range of operating temperature performance for open and underground mining applications. Our highly reactive PIBSA provides superior emulsion performance over conventionally produced PIBSA across a broad range ammonium nitrate quality. OLOA 15500 is diluted with base oil for easier pumping and handling.

Branched chain alkyl benzene (C15 based) generally used in manufacturing of sulfonic acid and overbased detergents. This additive also has synthetic base oil, refrigeration and heat transfer fluid applications.

Dodecylphenol (DDP) is a C12 branched alkylphenol (90% para) used as an intermediate in lubricating oil additives – phenate, inhibitors, ethoxylates, etc.


260BN calcium phenate provides a base for neutralizing corrosive acids and excellent detergency for upper-ring, belt-deposit control under the high-operating temperatures encountered in supercharged diesel engines.

425BN high, overbased (HOB) sulfonate detergent/corrosion inhibitor provides a base for neutralizing corrosive acids and excellent detergency that prevents deposits in engines operating at high temperatures. It is also used in grease and metalworking applications.


Ashless 1000 MW mono and bis succinimide dispersants provide excellent low-temperature, sludge, varnish control and effective dispersancy in gasoline and diesel engines, natural gas, and marine cylinder lubricants. They also have emulsifier properties for applications including explosives and metalworking.

1300 MW borated succinimide dispersant provides acid control, wear control, dispersancy and deposit control in both gasoline and diesel engines. It is also used for various other applications such as metalworking fluids, and as an emulsifier, where dispersancy, wear and corrosion protection is desired.



ZnDTP/ZDDP (OLOA 269R and OLOA 262)

Primary and secondary zinc dithiophosphates provide oxidation, copper-lead bearing corrosion and wear control in engine oils, hydraulic fluids and other industrial oils.