innovative technology

Our focus is on delivering technical excellence, leveraging the resources of our enterprise and anticipating market needs. We bring more than 100 years of additive expertise and a global network of research and development assets. As the only additive supplier wholly owned by an energy company, we can offer access to unique resources and integration opportunities that create value for our customers.

technology is the lifeblood of our business

Over 20% of Oronite’s workforce is devoted totechnology development

Record investments inresearch and testing toaddress increasingproduct demands

Continual innovation means more than 400 patentfamilies, adding newpatents each year

The hard work and applied expertise of our people pay off when we’re acknowledged by the fuel and lubricants additives industry for our innovative technology and product development strengths. In 2017, we received the first ever Fuels + Lubes Asia (F+L) “Product Development of the Year” award for our OLOA® 55516 passenger car motor oil additive. This award recognizes significant improvements to products and related processes rendering the product more efficient and having improved ecological use. With the approval of this product, Chevron Oronite was the first company to develop additive chemistry meeting the new requirements for next generation General Motors® engines.

global reach

To help ensure your product is in the right market at the right time, we use our expertise to forecast the direction of the industry and develop solutions with a forward-thinking approach.

Our passion for developing customer solutions begins in our research centers, which are involved in the development and testing of regional and global products for the additives industry.

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Future needs can also create future opportunities, and we apply our technical expertise and industry insights to help ensure your products are in the right market at the right time


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