railroad & inland marine

Oronite’s railroad engine oils are a benchmark in the market. The key to our strength is in product formulation and field testing. Our products have undergone millions of real-time operating hours in a variety of 2-stroke (2T) and 4-stroke (4T) cycle locomotive engines, as well as onboard coastal and inland marine vessels. 

featured product

OLOA® 42015 was designed to meet the stringent requirements of Tier 4 locomotives and deliver proven field performance. Older Electro-Motive Division (EMD) and General Electric® (GE) engine models also benefit from this product. OLOA 42015 has been proven to enhance overall oil performance and minimize the rate of oil degradation. It includes these additional benefits: 


  • Rapidly neutralizes residual acid levels.
  • Improves corrosive wear protection.
  • Augments product life-cycle costs for engine hardware.
  • Delivers sustained neutralization of strong and weak acids.
  • Addresses lower oil consumption in new and rebuilt locomotives.
  • Delivers cost-effective solution for Tier 4 locomotives and older generation models.

dual fuel engine solutions

Dual fuel (DF) engines can operate using two different fuel sources. Power generation industries (e.g. ship propulsion, power plant, rail traction) are seeing significant growth in the use of dual fuel engines due to the increasing abundance of cost-effective natural gas and increasingly stringent emission and fuel regulations. 


Chevron Oronite’s current focus is on engines that can switch between low sulfur diesel (<500 ppm) and natural gas (e.g. LNG). Since the combustion characteristics of these two fuels are quite different, the corresponding lubricant demands differ significantly as well. The appropriate level of detergency, and its associated ash content, must be suitable for use when considering engine type, loading factors and fuel properties.  


To be effective, a hybrid lubricant designed for use in a dual fuel application must deliver a balance of critical performance attributes. Oronite has developed a new additive framework that addresses the specific challenges found in dual fuel applications. Please contact an Oronite representative to learn more.