enduring relationships

We are committed to long-term collaborative relationships built on trust, integrity and flexibility that help our customers win. One of the ways we do this is through strategic alignment with our customers – creating a shared vision to help achieve business goals together. We also bring the strengths of expertise and industry network, such as our close original equipment manufacturer (OEM) relationships, to every customer encounter. OEM relationships are critical for additive companies to meet the needs of today’s equipment as well as anticipating future needs.

Gary Parsons, who retired from Chevron Oronite in 2018 after a 37-year career, was instrumental in bridging relationships with OEMs, industry associations and standards organizations. He was recognized in 2019 by F&L Asia Ltd. with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

OEM relationships go a long way

Original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) play an important role in the additives and lubricants industries. Additives are used to enhance and improve upon the natural properties of lubricating oils. Properly developed and formulated lubricating oils allow the OEMs to supply equipment that meets various aspects of customer demands including durability, extended maintenance intervals, high fuel efficiency and low emissions.


Our dedicated global team focused on OEM partnerships works closely with OEMs on development programs, so we can co-design products that further enhance the experience of the end user.


This collaboration helps us understand changes in materials and designs of engines, driveline components and industrial equipment and gives us the insights we need to quickly adapt our technology. Through one-on-one interaction, we partner with our customers to understand what’s next for their markets. With both the OEM and customer knowledge as a backdrop, we develop solutions that meet our customers’ needs and help them succeed.


OEM relationships are built through years of working directly together and through industry associations such as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM), the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE), the Japan Automotive Standards Organization (JASO) and the Additive Technical Committee (ATC). Learn more about our industry involvement.

collaborating with our customers and business partners

Many of our customer relationships are built on years of working together towards mutual success. We also have a strong foundation of enduring relationships with our network of suppliers, business partners and other key stakeholders.

MCC’s 20-year Relationship with Chevron Oronite

MidContinental Chemical Company, Inc. (MCC) celebrated twenty years of valued partnership with Chevron Oronite. MCC began working with Chevron Oronite in 1998, and through an enduring relationship have experienced steady growth.


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celebrating 100 years of the oronite® brand with customers

Oronite hosted customers at events held in key business locations around the world to commemorate its brand centennial in 2017. The first of these events occurred in Beijing, marking the brand’s strong presence in the Asia-Pacific region. Celebrations were also held in New Orleans, Louisiana (United States), and Gonfreville (France).

One of the earliest examples of Oronite delivering value to its customers is the introduction in 1925 of Zerolene® F, an anti-chatter additive used to lubricate fabric transmission bands in the historic Model T Ford. Depicted here are five workers filling product at our Richmond Refinery.

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At Chevron Oronite our strong commitment to building enduring relationships and doing what we say we will do is not only a core value, it’s a way of doing business that we believe differentiates us in the marketplace.


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