fuel additives

Chevron Oronite fuel additives are used for refinery and branded gasoline/petrol applications as well as for aftermarket gasoline additive applications. Oronite Gasoline Additives (OGA®) are recognized throughout the world by auto manufacturers, gasoline marketers and environmental regulators as helpful in reducing or removing harmful deposits which degrade performance. We specialize in gasoline additives that deliver performance in all types of gasoline, including those containing ethanol and the E85, or flex fuel, version. 

Oronite gasoline additves help:

  • Maintain combustion chamber cleanliness.
  • Clean and maintain the cleanliness of intake ports, valves, and manifolds in port fuel injection (PFI) engines.
  • Clean clogged and maintain the cleanliness of the fuel injector in PFI and direct injection engines.


The additive’s ability to remove deposits in critical areas helps to:

  • Improve driveability.
  • Smooth rough idling.
  • Reduce octane requirements.
  • Restore fuel economy and power loss.
  • Eliminate tough starts and improve acceleration.
  • Eliminate intake and exhaust valve sticking.
  • Eliminate deposit-related “carbon rap,” knocking, pinging, hesitation, stalling, and run-on or “dieseling”.


gasoline/petrol additives

Oronite offers a full line of gasoline deposit control additives to meet our customers’ cost and performance targets. Our OGA additive packages for refinery and branded retail gasoline includes regulatory compliance packages formulated to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Final Rule Lowest Additive Concentration (LAC) requirements and/or California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements.  Our performance additive packages exceeds Top Tier™ standards.


aftermarket fuel additive technology

Aftermarket fuel additives are an excellent choice for preventive maintenance and as a precaution against fuel-related engine problems. We bring decades of experience and a unique perspective of the petroleum distribution chain to supply the products, testing, performance claims and packaging recommendations needed to help you succeed in the fuel additive aftermarket business. Oronite’s aftermarket fuel additives are extensively tested in various OEM engines and have unique performance claims. 


Chevron Oronite continues to innovate with new chemistry components and will be introducing a new patented Clean Tip™ technology that will further enhance fuel injector cleanliness.  

featured products

OGA® 293HF is a premium product provides a one-tank complete system clean up of both PFI and GDI engines without affecting the combustion chambers.


OGA® 60545 is an effective GDI cleaner designed for use in modern engines. It cleans up GDI injectors, PFI injectors and intake valves and contains a corrosion inhibitor for extra engine protection. 


OGA® 60543 is a ready-to-bottle (RTB) version of OGA® 60545 for reduced complexity.