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Oronite delivers highly effective lubricant additive technology for heavy duty diesel engines. We have a long list of firsts in diesel engine lubrication starting with our invention of detergent additives in the early 1930s. We are constantly adapting and optimizing diesel engine lubricant additive technology to meet original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and customer requirements. And the results are reduced wear and viscosity changes related to soot, reduced ring sticking and excessive deposits in the ring belt, minimal downtime for equipment and vehicles, and an increase in engine life.


Oronite's strong relationship with major engine manufacturers provides early access to evolving engine technologies, allowing us to deliver high-performance component packages that meet our customers’ future needs. Our heavy duty engine oil (HDEO) additive products are extensively field tested in a wide range of engines and service to help ensure proven, high performance. 

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Oronite’s latest HDEO additive packages offer you the benefits of a universal oil to help simplify your logistics without sacrificing wear protection. The API CK-4, FA-4 and ACEA E- and F-category additive packages feature our FrictionRelease™ friction modifier component designed specifically for heavy duty motor oils. Our automotive portfolio also includes solutions for engines running on natural gas which places unique demands on engine oils and can sometimes require special formulations. 


Please contact an Oronite representative for more information on our automotive portfolio. 

OLOA®  59788 is a heavy duty additive package that has been optimized for CI-4/CH-4 plain profiles. It is a flexible and complete package suitable for a broad range of HD diesel powered vehicles in both off-road and on-road equipment.

OLOA® 61530/61519 - These additive packages provide value and flexibility to lubricant manufacturers for their heavy-duty needs, helping them reduce emissions and improve fuel efficiency without compromising engine durability. They are adapted for mixed fleets and off-road vehicles in construction, agriculture, quarries, and mining meeting Euro IV stage emission norms.

OLOA® 61005B is a heavy duty additive package for trucks meeting Euro IV & V emission standards, with or without after treatment systems. It is also backward compatible with older generations of trucks meeting Euro I, II & III.

OLOA 59880 is a heavy duty engine oil package designed to cover Euro IV equipment and earlier and recommended for both on road and off road equipment. 


OLOA 59770 is a flexible high performance additive suitable for Euro IV diesel engines and recommended for off-road and extensive on-road equipment also covering passenger car applications.

OLOA 59766 is an optimized and cost-effective package for general applications suitable for Euro III and IV engines and particularly adapted for busses and trucks. 


OLOA 59762 is an economic additive package suitable for Euro II and Euro III engines appropriate for busses, trucks and off-road equipment.

The cascade allows you to blend a large range of finished oil for multiple applications. With treat rate cascade or few boosters, it is possible to link the economic profiles to an optimized package and to a high-performance lubricant. With one or two packages, you have the possibility to design a complete range of lubricants for heavy-duty engines and also for passenger cars, high tier trucks, and stationary engines.



OLOA 45500 is a dedicated mobile natural gas engine additive package that enhances engine protection for strong performance. It helps extended drain intervals, delivers high oxidation and nitration control , and has been enhanced for low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) prevention.


European Automobile Manufacturers' Association (ACEA) industry specification

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