What's new:

Oronite Connect™ is getting an upgrade!  We are moving the Oronite Connect registration and logon authentication to a new application named “Okta”.  This new technology will improve your experience during Oronite Connect registration and logon.

How it affects you:

  • If you currently don’t have Oronite Connect access, please go to to complete customer registration. After completing customer registration, you will receive an email notification from with a username. You can activate your account and set up a password by following the link on the email.                    
  • If you already have Oronite Connect access, you should have received an email from Okta to activate authentication and set up a new password.          
  • You must remember your password because it will be used each time you log into Oronite Connect.

How can we help:

If you have any questions or concerns, please send an email to or contact your Oronite representatives.


If you already activated your account:

Please click this link to login to Oronite Connect.