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Two-wheelers are the transportation mode of choice for a sizeable population in Asia and for many other countries in the world. Whether for work or leisure, lubricants used in motorcycle engine oils play a critical factor in both their performance and reliability. 

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As a major motorcycle engine oil additive supplier, Chevron Oronite is ahead of the game. In anticipation of JASO T903:2023, we introduced OLOA 22028T, a differentiated next generation four-stroke motorcycle additive that meets the current JASO T903:2016 standard as well as the new JASO T903:2023 standard taking effect starting October 1, 2023. 


Learn how Chevron Oronite prepared for the new JASO motorcycle spec. Read article >

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OEMs are designing modern motorcycle engines to be more compact and efficient, with increased power density and tighter tolerances between moving parts. This puts additional pressure on motorcycle oils to meet more complex performance demands. A standard passenger car motor oil (PCMO) is no longer ideal for maintaining a motorcycle in good operating condition, as demonstrated in the chart below. The two types of vehicles require a different lubrication solution. Modern motorcycle engine oils (MCO) must not only protect moving parts within the engine but also clutches, the gearbox, and after-treatment systems. 

Chevron Oronite is recognized as one of the technical and market additive leaders for two-stroke and four-stroke motorcyle engine oils. We maintain strong relationships with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) through continued and advanced technical support. We are proactively engaged in the industry to watch for emerging trends and to be prepared for future specifications in motorcycle engine oils. 

differentiated solutions for water-cooled engine oils

Rear view of motor boat under way at sea. Rear view of motor boat under way at sea.

Marine outboard engines require maximum reliability from lubricant products. Our 2-stroke (2T) and 4-stroke (4T) water-cooled additive packages have been the industry reference for performance and are supported by the Boating Industry Association and the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA). We also develop products for direct fuel injection (DFI) in 2T engines and lubricants meeting the NMMA FCW-WTM certification for 4T engines. 


Chevron Oronite's water-cooled additive packages offer reduced ring groove deposits, robust rust and corrosion control, and anti-scuff protection. 


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Our highly experienced development team is supported by state-of-the-art testing capabilities for performance demonstration to keep us innovating. This advantage is how Chevron Oronite is able to deliver differentiated additive technology and a broad product portfolio for these segments. 

Oronite Differentiated 4T-Stroke MCO Product Portfolio Oronite Differentiated 4T-Stroke MCO Product Portfolio

OLOA®  22025 is a four-stroke engine additive package for Motorcycles with wet clutch. It offers enhanced wear protection and oxidation/nitration control in motorcycle engines.


OLOA®  22028T can be used in low viscosity 5W-XX and 10W-XX oils for protecting the engine, clutch, gears, valve train, and after-treatment system. This is a low TPP product to help meet the regulatory requirements in some parts of the world.


OLOA® 22021 is a main tier four-stroke engine additive package for Motorcycles with wet clutch. The additive package can be used in group II, group III or a group II/III base oil mixture.


OLOA® 9362 is a two-stroke engine additive package for air-cooled two-stroke motorcycles. It provides high detergency, dispersancy, and lubricity performance.  

OLOA® 22020 is a main- tier four-stroke engine additive package for Scooters with Automatic Transmission. The additive package can be used in group II, group III or a group II/III base oil mixture.


OLOA® 22028T is a differentiated four-stroke engine additive package that can be used for Motorcycles and Scooters (with friction modifier) applications. It protects the engine, clutch, gears, valve train, and the after-treatment system when formulated to low viscosity grade oils.


OLOA® 22038 is a four-stroke engine additive package for Scooters with Automatic Transmission. It keeps engines clean and reduces gear pitting.   

OLOA®  340R is designed for 2 stroke water-cooled engines for severe outboard applications. It is ashless additive package that keep the engines clean with excellent rust protection during extended engine storage periods.


OLOA®  22009 is designed for 4-stroke water-cooled engines for severe outboard applications. It is catalyst-compatible, keeps engines clean, and prevents wear and rust protection.