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industry involvement

We work with over 30 standards bodies, industry associations, chemical and additive industry associations, and testing and certification groups. This helps us to ensure that we meet product specifications as they are defined throughout the world.

Alex Gendron, global marine product line specialist for Europe, Africa and the Middle East
Alex Gendron, global marine product line specialist for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, speaks at the 15th ICIS Middle Eastern Base Oils and Lubricants Conference about solutions to the challenges linked to Group II use in 4-Stroke marine lubricants.

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industry involvement in the americas


The American Society for Testing and Materials helps to develop and manage analytical bench and engine tests, defines test standards and specifications and certifies laboratories. Oronite is a member of the Heavy Duty Engine Oil Classification Panel and the Passenger Car Engine Oil Classification Panel.

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The American Chemistry Council governs engine test protocol standards and data reporting. Oronite was a charter member of the Petroleum Additives Panel.

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The Society of Automotive Engineers defines viscometric requirements.

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The American Petroleum Institute defines engine oil performance quality categories, helps to manage the engine oil licensing and certification system (EOLCS), and defines viscosity grade read across and base oil interchange guidelines.

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The International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee is composed of Japanese and U.S. automobile manufacturers. ILSAC initiates and promotes the development of passenger engine oil performance specifications.

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The Independent Lubricant Manufacturers Association advocates for lubrication industry issues and provides technical and educational resources.

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bridging the gap from GF-5 to GF-6: 2017 spring ILMA management forum

Kaustav Sinha, global GF-6 project manager for Oronite, talks about performance drivers and challenges, new specifications, solutions, and real-world feedback at the 2017 Spring ILMA Management Forum in Carlsbad, California.

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industry involvement in asia pacific


The Japan Automobile Standards Organization sets performance specifications and determines test specifications for lubricants to be used in their vehicles and equipment.

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The Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association is the nonprofit trade association of the fourteen manufacturers of passenger cars, trucks, buses and motorcycles in Japan.

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The Society of Automotive Engineers of Japan was organized to advance and develop sciences and technologies in connection with automobiles.

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industry involvement in europe, middle east and africa


Association des Constructeurs Européens d'Automobile (ACEA) defines and updates the ACEA oil sequences and their performance specifications.

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The Additive Technical Committee governs engine tests standards and data reporting.

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Association Technique de I'Industrie Européenne des Lubrifiants defines viscosity grade read across guidelines and defines base oil interchange guidelines.

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The Coordinating European Council is an industry-based organization that develops test methods for the performance testing of automotive engine oil, fuels and transmission fluids (using gasoline and diesel engines). It also covers marine and large engine oils, two-stroke engine oils and associated bench tests.

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The Union of the European Lubricants Industry represents the interests of the lubricants industry in Europe, with a special focus on subject matter experts and independent companies that produce lubricants and metal processing fluids essential for the automotive and industrial sectors.

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Bundesverband mittelständischer Mineralölunternehmen e.V. is the German association of small- and medium-sized mineral oil companies. UNITI provides a wide range of expertise in the fields of fuels, lubricants and heating oil, and represents around 90% of SME mineral oil companies in Germany.

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The United Kingdom Lubricants Association actively represents member companies’ interests both at home and overseas. The UKLA is actively engaged with other trade associations, such as UEIL, on matters impacting the industry. They work through participation in consultation, representation and lobbying to United Kingdom and European government and industry authorities.

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At the 8th Base Oil and Lubes Middle East 2019 Conference (BLM 2019) in Dubai, Patrice Estoueig, product line manager for Europe, Africa and the Middle East, highlights the connection between the evolution of passenger-car and 4-stroke-motorcycle oils, as well as the technical trends that have led to the increasing divergence between the two when it comes to oil formulation needs. Photo courtesy of The Conference Connection Inc.
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