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investing in the future

Our supply chain is unsurpassed in the industry. We have world-class manufacturing facilities in three key demand areas around the globe, supplemented by regional plants and plants where we hold shareholder interest. The strategic locations and scale of our operations have us well positioned today, but we are also working to grow and evolve our supply chain for the future.

Map of Chevron Oronite's expansion projects
Chevron Oronite is adding capacity and flexibility on a global scale. These projects will collectively represent our highest level of investment globally since the construction of our Singapore plant in 1999.

Oronite forged an early leadership position in the Asia Pacific region in the 1990s by establishing an additives manufacturing plant in Singapore that has significantly expanded over the years and remains the largest in the region.

Oronite's carboxylate plant in Singapore
In 2017 the Oronite Singapore plant added a carboxylate production unit. Carboxylate is an effective, sulfur-free detergent often used in high-performance additive packages. Oronite has market-leading technology in carboxylate chemistry.

To further strengthen our position in the Asia Pacific region, Oronite will commence operations in a new manufacturing plant in Ningbo in 2021. Ningbo is a major seaport city in the Eastern province of Zhejiang, in the People’s Republic of China.

tank farm and blending facilities in Oronite’s manufacturing plant in Ningbo
A picture of the tank farm and blending facilities in Oronite’s manufacturing plant in Ningbo.

We've also grown our technology center of expertise in Shanghai to continually expand our technical support, field testing and product development capabilities.

brain trust

One of the most important investments we make is in our people, who work around the globe and bring extensive industry knowledge and innovation to our portfolio.

Did you know?

Did you know?

20 percent of our workforce is involved in the ethical development of products.

The hard work and applied expertise of our people pays off when we're acknowledged by the fuel and lubricants additives industry for our innovative technology and product development strengths. In 2017, we received the first ever Fuels + Lubes Asia (F+L) "Product Development of the Year" award for our OLOA® 55516 passenger car motor oil additive. This award recognizes significant improvements to products and related processes rendering the product more efficient and having improved ecological use. With the approval of this product, Oronite was the first company to develop additive chemistry meeting the new requirements for next generation General Motors® engines. Further recognition came in 2018 when Jirong Xiao of Oronite was recognized as the Fuels + Lubes Asia (F+L) “Person of the Year.”

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