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gasoline/petrol additives

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Fuel additives improve the performance of vehicles by reducing or removing harmful deposits. Oronite fuel additives are widely recognized for refinery and branded gasoline/petrol applications as well as for aftermarket gasoline additive applications.

We maintain strong relationships in the industry, and we offer a unique perspective of the petroleum distribution chain so that we can supply the products, testing, performance claims and packaging recommendations needed to help you be successful. This is how Oronite fuel additives can add up for you.

gasoline/petrol additives

Oronite Gasoline Additives (OGA®) are recognized throughout the world by auto manufacturers, gasoline marketers and environmental regulators as helpful in reducing or removing deposits caused by gasoline and lube oil components, which degrade performance. We specialize in gasoline additives that deliver performance in all types of gasoline, including those containing ethanol and the E85, or flex fuel, version.

Oronite Gasoline Additives help keep engines cleaner and reduce harmful deposits and can deliver consumer benefits.

control of harmful deposits

  • Helps maintain fuel injector cleanliness in port fuel injection (PFI) and direct injection engines
  • Helps maintain intake port and intake manifold cleanliness
  • Helps maintain intake valve cleanliness
  • Helps maintain combustion chamber cleanliness
  • Cleans clogged fuel injectors in PFI and direct injection engines
  • Cleans dirty intake ports and intake manifolds
  • Cleans dirty intake valves
  • Helps to prevent dirty combustion chambers

potential benefits based on the additive’s ability to remove deposits in critical areas

  • Restores lost power
  • Improves acceleration
  • Smooths rough idling
  • Increases fuel economy
  • Eliminates tough starts
  • Reduces emissions
  • Helps pass emissions tests
  • Reduces octane requirement
  • Helps eliminate deposit-related “carbon rap,” knocking, pinging, hesitation, stalling, and run-on or “dieseling”
  • Helps eliminate intake and exhaust valve sticking

Oronite offers a full line of gasoline deposit control additives to meet our customers’ cost and performance targets. Our products range from regulatory compliance packages formulated to meet the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Final Rule Lowest Additive Concentration (LAC) requirements and/or California Air Resources Board (CARB) requirements, additives which meet or exceed TOP TIER® OEM requirements, to additives designed to offer differentiated performance and marketing support.

OGA additive packages for refinery and branded retail gasoline:


OGA compliance additive packages are formulated to meet minimum US EPA Final Rule LAC regulatory requirements and/or CARB requirements.

top tier

OGA TOP TIER additive packages are formulated to meet or exceed specifications set by OEMs including BMW®, General Motors®, VW®, Honda®, Toyota®, and others.


OGA enhanced additive packages are formulated to provide higher levels of performance than compliance packages for customers seeking to differentiate their products from compliance gasoline.


OGA customized additive packages are formulated to the gasoline marketer’s specific requirements and unique marketing needs.

OGA additive packages for automotive aftermarket products:


OGA conventional aftermarket additive packages provide strong performance at economical cost such as gas treatments and fuel injector cleaners.


OGA premium aftermarket additive packages provide state-of-the-art performance for aftermarket products such as complete fuel system cleaners.

aftermarket fuel additive technology

Oronite is a leading supplier of fuel additive solutions to aftermarket product companies. We bring decades of experience and a unique perspective of the petroleum distribution chain to the market through the development of aftermarket fuel additives to meet consumer needs.

We can supply the products, testing, performance claims and packaging recommendations needed to help you succeed in the fuel additive aftermarket business. Oronite has developed gasoline fuel additives that are state-of-the-art. We can match the right chemistry to your needs and help keep your company ahead.

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Did you know?

Our products have been extensively tested for performance and no-harm issues in both our high-technology engine and chemistry laboratories, followed by rigorous on-road testing and long-term, large-scale vehicle fleet testing.

Aftermarket additives are an excellent choice for preventive maintenance and as a precaution against fuel-related problems. These additives may improve the performance of your gasoline.

Oronite develops new additives that have unique performance claims. Aftermarket fuel additives are an inexpensive way for consumers to solve some deposit-related automotive problems such as:

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