Environmental regulations have created a shift from 2-stroke (2T) engines to 4-stroke (4T) engines in the motorcycle market. 4-stroke motorcycles have a compact design which means they have lubrication requirements different from those of passenger cars. All-in-one 4-stroke oils must not cause clutch slippage during acceleration and should be able to withstand high temperatures and protect parts.

Oronite is recognized as one of the technical and market leaders in two-stroke and four-stroke motorcycle oil.

Our products for 4-stroke engines help provide optimum clutch performance in motorcycles; enable outstanding protection to critical parts such as pistons, rings and grooves; and control carbon, lacquer deposits and engine sludge at the high oil temperatures (130°C /271°F) that are reached in air-cooled motorcycles. We also formulate products to help reduce power loss and protect gear parts. These benefits contribute to longer equipment life and help maximize motorcycle engine performance.


Marine outboard engines require maximum reliability from lubricant products. When it comes to 2-stroke (2T) and 4-stroke (4T) water-cooled engine lubricants, we continue to strengthen our leadership in a sector that requires maximum reliability. We develop products for direct fuel injection (DFI) in 2T engines and lubricants meeting the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) FCW-WTM certification for 4T engines.


Our robust field testing proves the product quality of our 2T and 4T water-cooled additives. The test results show that our products reduce ring groove deposits, improve rust control and improve anti-scuff protection.

Although environmental regulations have impacted both production and design of 2T engines, there are still millions of bikes and scooters with 2T engines on the road. Other segments such as go-karts, snow scooters and chainsaws still use 2T engines because of the power-to-weight advantage. For these engine types, our additives help prevent piston and cylinder scuffing; help prevent piston ring sticking and bearing seizure problems; and minimize spark plug fouling, pre-ignition, exhaust system blockage and excessive smoke.

Dedicated Motorcycle Scooter Lubricant Additives for a Smooth Ride

dedicated motorcycle/ scooter lubricant additives for a smooth ride

This video illustrates the difference between modern motorcycle engine and automotive engine design and characteristics. As a result of such differences, a dedicated motorcycle lubricant is required instead of simply using automotive lubricants. Oronite offers a range of dedicated motorcycle/scooter lubricants additives that meet the specifications set by the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization to ensure high performance.

We maintain strong relationships with Japanese and non-Japanese original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) through continued and advanced technical support. We are members of the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO) committee and participate in Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) activities. Oronite can generate JASO T903 data in given viscosity grades upon request. Our highly experienced development team is supported by state-of-the-art testing capabilities for performance demonstration and differentiation. This advantage in innovative technology is how Oronite adds up for you.


featured products

We have a complete 2-stroke and 4-stroke motorcycle oil product portfolio covering all performance tiers and including complete bench-, engine- and field-testing capabilities.

OLOA 22028 is Oronite’s latest differentiated motorcycle engine additive that meets API SN and API SP, JASO MA2 (T903:2016) specifications, and beyond via a performance cascade. It also meets JASO MB specifications with a booster. A carefully balanced formulation ensures that OLOA 22028 can be used in low viscosity 5W-XX and 10W-XX oils while protecting the engine, clutch, gears, valve train, and after-treatment system. To meet the regulatory requirements in some parts of the world, we developed a “Low TPP” version of this technology called OLOA 22028T.

Optimized motorcycle engine oil additive package designed for 4-stroke cycle gasoline engines. Meeting API SL and JASO (T903:2016) MA2 performance requirements. OLOA 22025X offers improved protection to engine, clutch and gears. OLOA 22025X performance is covered in Group II and Group II + Group III combination in a wide range of viscosity grades. JASO MB performance can be covered with the addition of a booster.

These main tier additive packages meet JASO T903:2016 requirements. OLOA 22020 meets JASO MB without the addition of a friction modifier and OLOA 22021 meets JASO MA2. These packages boast robust performance and are API SN/SM licensable. They also have broad base oil coverage: Group II, Group III or Group II/Group III mixture.

These main tier additive packages are designed for dedicated 4-stroke motorcycle (OLOA 22025) and scooter engine oil (OLOA 22038) application that supports the following performance range: American Petroleum Institute (API) SG, API SJ, API SL (licensable requirements). These products meet JASO MA2 and JASO MB requirements according to JASO T903:2016 via a performance cascade. Both products cover the above-mentioned treat rates at different dosages. Coverage is available in Group II and Group II + Group III base oils and provides strong piston cleanliness, gear pitting and wear performance as well as thermal and oxidative stability.

This is Oronite’s superior 2T air-cooled engine oil additive with a step toward environmental protection as this package is low ash and sulfur free. Our product is developed to fulfill very high performance levels such as ISO-L-“EGD+” level (150 index min. in the Honda® Dio 3-hour detergency test) and OEM levels (Piaggio®, Husqvarna®, Rotax®, Stihl®). OLOA 9362 also demonstrates superior detergency, dispersancy and lubricity in both low-smoke and traditional air-cooled 2T cycle engine lubricant applications.