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Two-wheelers are the transportation mode of choice for a sizeable population in Asia and for many other countries in the world. Whether for work or leisure, lubricants used in motorcycle engine oils play a critical factor in both their performance and reliability. 


A standard passenger car motor oil (PCMO) is no longer ideal for maintaining a motorcycle in good operating condition, as demonstrated in the chart below. The two types of vehicles require a different lubrication solution. Modern motorcycle engine oils (MCO) must not only protect moving parts within the engine but also clutches, the gearbox, and after-treatment systems. 

OEMs are designing modern motorcycle engines to be more compact and efficient, with increased power density and tighter tolerances between moving parts. This puts additional pressure on motorcycle oils to meet more complex performance demands. Leading OEMs are calling for lower viscosity grades to support efforts to improve fuel economy and meet the 2050 emission reduction targets. 

Oronite delivers differentiated solutions for the motorcycle market

Oronite is recognized as one of the technical and market additive leaders for two-stroke and four-stroke motorcyle engine oils. We maintain strong relationships with Japanese and non-Japanese original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) through continued and advanced technical support. 


We are members of the Japanese Automotive Standards Organization (JASO) committee and participate in Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA) activities. We are proactively engaged in the industry to watch for emerging trends and to be prepared for future specifications in motorcycle engine oils. Oronite is anticipating a significant enhancement to be made in the next JASO specification change to help address how modern engine designs affect the severity of motorcycle engine oils. 


Read the F&L magazine article on the anticipated JASO specification update >


featured products

Our highly experienced development team is supported by state-of-the-art testing capabilities for performance demonstration to keep us innovating. This advantage is how Oronite is able to deliver differentiated additive technology and a product portfolio that covers all MCO performance tiers. 

OLOA 22028 can be used in low viscosity 5W-XX and 10W-XX oils for protecting the engine, clutch, gears, valve train, and after-treatment system. To meet the regulatory requirements in some parts of the world, we also offer a low TPP version of this product called OLOA 22028T.

OLOA 22025X offers improved protection to engine, clutch and gears. OLOA 22025X performance is covered in Group II and Group II + Group III combination in a wide range of viscosity grades. JASO MB performance can be covered with the addition of a booster.

OLOA 22020 meets JASO MB without the addition of a friction modifier and OLOA 22021 meets JASO MA2. These packages deliver robust performance and are API SN/SM licensable. They also have broad base oil coverage: Group II, Group III or Group II/Group III mixture.

OLOA 22025 is designed for 4-stroke motorcycle engine oils. OLOA 22038 is designed for scooter engine oils. Both products offer strong piston cleanliness, protection against wear and gear pitting, and deliver thermal and oxidative stability. Coverage is available in Group II and Group II + Group III base oils.

OLOA 9362 is a 2T air-cooled engine oil additive package that is low ash and sulfur free. Our product is developed to fulfill very high performance levels. It delivers quality detergency, dispersancy and lubricity in both low-smoke and traditional air-cooled 2T cycle engine lubricant applications.