Marine outboard engines require maximum reliability from lubricant products. When it comes to 2-stroke (2T) and 4-stroke (4T) water-cooled engine lubricants, we continue to strengthen our leadership in a sector that requires maximum reliability. We develop products for direct fuel injection (DFI) in 2T engines and lubricants meeting the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA) FCW-WTM certification for 4T engines.



Our 2T and 4T water-cooled packages have been the industry reference for performance and are supported by the Boating Industry Association and the NMMA.

We maintain strong relationships with Japanese and non-Japanese original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) through continued and advanced technical support. We are members of the NMMA. Our highly experienced development team is supported by state-of-the-art testing capabilities for performance demonstration and differentiation.

featured products

Our robust field testing proves the product quality of our 2T and 4T water-cooled and 4T water-cooled additives. The test results show that our products reduce ring groove deposits, improve rust control and improve anti-scuff protection.

OLOA®  340R is a premium quality additive used to provide high detergency in outboard 2T water-cooled engines and rust protection during extended engine storage periods. It boasts several NMMA TC-W3® approvals, which cover a wide range of base oils and solvents, including biodegradable formulations available using OLOA 340R. OLOA 340R keeps engines clean by preventing ring sticking, piston deposits, plug fouling and exhaust deposits. It also helps prevent wear and corrosion.

OLOA®  22009 is designed to meet the lubricant requirements for water cooled 4 stroke cycle gasoline engines. It is a low Phosphorus (< 800 ppm) additive package that provides robust wear and rust protection in the presence of water. This package can be utilized to formulate NMMA FC-W quality oil for sever fresh and saltwater environments and is FC-W and FC-W CAT compatible.