API SN plus

a supplemental standard

API SN Plus is a supplemental standard to the API SN specification, which introduces oils for LSPI (Low Speed Pre-ignition) mitigation. The designation for this supplement appears at the bottom of the API Service Symbol, but it does not impact ILSAC GF-5 or the API Certification Symbol ("Starburst"). For information about the latest specifications, visit ILSAC GF-6.



More about API SN Plus and frequently asked questions.

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flexible solutions


Solutions that include helping prevent LSPI.

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Meeting global turbo GDI performance needs.

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introduction to API SN Plus

Chevron Oronite understands the desire of ILSAC members to introduce an oil category that can mitigate engine performance complaints and hardware failures during OEM warranty periods, that are related to LSPI. That is why we supported the need for API SN Plus and we’re ready to meet our customers' needs.

ILSAC GF-6 performance relative to GF-5 and API SN Plus performance.

frequently asked questions: API SN plus and oronite’s products

What solutions does Oronite offer to meet API SN Plus?

Oronite has several flexible solutions to meet the API SN Plus supplemental standard including OLOA® 55516/55517 and OLOA 55526. Oronite has also developed OLOA 55530 as an optimized product that meets the API SN Plus supplemental standard. Combining OLOA 55530 with a specialized booster also provides the flexibility for dexos1™ Gen 2 performance. OLOA 55530 is designed to provide an optimal solution for API SN Plus, while minimizing supply and manufacturing complexity. OLOA 55531 includes a pour point depressant (PPD) in the OLOA 55530 product.


Is there a connection to OLOA 55516 or OLOA 55501/3?

OLOA 55501 has connectivity to both OLOA 55530/1 and OLOA 55516/7 via boosters.


What base stocks are covered for SN Plus claims?

Oronite provides coverage in widely available Gr II and Gr III BO's across applicable vis grades.


What Viscosity Modifiers are covered for this product line?

Oronite uses the PARATONE® OCP family of viscosity modifiers to meet and qualify the SN Plus specification.

flexible solutions to meet your API SN Plus needs

Oronite's existing product architecture, which provides a connection to our strong ILSAC GF-5 and dexos1™ Gen 2 technology platform, supports API SN Plus in both main tier and full synthetic products with widely available coverage in API Group II and Group III base oils across applicable viscosity grades.


We also have flexible solutions that specifically help prevent LSPI - the primary driver for the API SN Plus supplemental standard - and that also help protect the turbocharger components in Turbocharged Gasoline Direct Injection (TGDI) engines.

LSPI protection


  • LSPI is a phenomenon in TGDI engines where combustion occurs before the timed spark, leading to excessive high-cylinder pressures which can damage pistons, bearings, etc.
  • LSPI occurrence in TGDI engines can be affected by the detergent and antioxidant systems used in the engine oils


turbocharger protection


  • Engine oils must be formulated to limit turbo coking and deposits that can lead to turbocharger temperature increase or bearing failure

product profiles to meet your global turbo GDI performance needs

By leveraging an innovative and proven technology platform, and offering a broad range of logistical benefits and base stock coverage for blending options, Oronite continues to deliver flexibility and value to its customers through our PCFlex ADDvantage™. Plus, our integrated, global supply chain is well prepared to reliably meet your API SN Plus needs around the world.