Our dedicated automotive team monitors key passenger car and heavy duty industry trends in the marketplace to share with our customers and deliver timely new products. Learn more about value and flexibility for your passenger car and heavy duty diesel motor oil product lines.

One example of keeping a pulse on trends in the industry is our understanding of the vital role automotive engine oil additives continue to play in helping to meet increasing regulatory requirements and reducing customer total cost of ownership.

fuel economy

Oronite additives formulated into lower-viscosity oils help to maximize fuel economy. Our additives also enable engine technologies and operating conditions that would not be possible without improvements to the engine oil.

emissions standards

Our automotive additives are designed with a focus towards being more sustainable. Oronite has developed additives that reduce emissions and introduce lower-ash products to the marketplace.

extended service & durability

The durability and flexibility of our products help to reduce wear and viscosity changes due to operational conditions in the engine, minimize downtime for equipment and vehicles, and increase engine life.

To help you differentiate your offering, we use over 100 years of additive chemistry expertise and apply a global network of research and development assets and resources to develop innovative, quality and proven products.

Did you know?

Oronite products are on the road in 1 of every 4 cars in North America.

Oronite conducts extensive field testing in every region of the world, including the Americas, Europe, and in Asia where substantial field test capabilities are growing in China, India, Indonesia and Thailand. We also have a dedicated team of formulators and scientists located in automotive development centers around the world.

Oronite accumulates field test distance at a rate greater than circling the Earth four times every day.

Innovative Additive Solutions for Automotive Engine Oils

Innovative Additive Solutions for Automotive Engine Oils

innovative additive solutions for AEO

Learn more about how Oronite develops trusted automotive additive solutions for automotive engine oils (AEO).


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One of our most valuable customer offerings is the vast amount of resources available to us as part of a global energy company. We have access to corporate funding, which allows for supplemental, long-term strategic research. We have access to world-class technology in diagnostics and analytical capabilities. This adds up to advantages we bring to our customers every day.

technical excellence in automotive


First passenger car motor oil additive package to obtain dexos1® Gen 2 approval.


New passenger car motor oil additive package that meets ILSAC GF-6 performance specifications.


Proprietary polymeric dispersant for viscosity and sludge control. Multifunctional molybdenum compound for reducing oxidation, wear and friction.


Unique olefin copolymer viscosity modifiers with enhanced thickening power plus low-temperature performance.

mobile natural gas engine oils

Mobile natural gas use is growing rapidly in many markets as it produces less greenhouse gases than conventional diesel fuel use and natural gas engines do not produce any particulate emissions. Natural gas engines place unique demands on engines oils and require special formulations. Oronite is the global leader in both stationary and mobile natural gas engine oil (MNGEO) additive technology.


Properly formulated gas engine oils must withstand the high temperatures of natural gas combustion while at the same time not contributing to combustion chamber deposits, spark plug fouling or exhaust valve torching. Unlike diesel engines oils, natural gas engine oils do not need to contain high levels of dispersants as no soot is created during natural gas combustion.


Because of a lower carbon to hydrogen ratio in natural gas relative to mineral diesel fuel, natural gas engine oils must also be able to handle the higher levels of water, which are created during natural gas combustion. There are significant differences in properly formulated natural gas, passenger car, and heavy duty diesel engine oils.

OLOA® 45500 additive package

Mobile natural gas engines can benefit from oils that are designed to meet specific performance requirements, such as higher oxidation, higher corrosion and spark plug fouling and valve recession. Oronite has solutions to meet these needs. OLOA 45500 is a dedicated MNGEO product that enhances engine protection for strong performance.


OLOA 45500 is another example of how Oronite is maintaining its technology leadership and continuously innovating to deliver the next generation additive for tomorrow. This product was developed in anticipation of an increasing demand for natural gas engines, new engine technology and the desire for extended drain intervals by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and fleet owners.


Meets new Cummins specifications (CES 20092) performance

Original OEM performance based on the latest standards

Superior oxidation and nitration control compared to previous generation oils

Extended drain performance

Passed strong Cummins rig test performance; formulation enhanced for low speed pre-ignition (LSPI) prevention

Helps reduce total cost of ownership (TCO); product differentiation through LSPI prevention capability

Manufactured across Oronite supply chain to provide global coverage

Security of global supply