Our dedicated automotive team monitors key passenger car and heavy duty industry trends in the marketplace to share with our customers and deliver timely new products. Learn more about value and flexibility for your passenger car and heavy duty diesel motor oil product lines.

One example of keeping a pulse on trends in the industry is our understanding of the vital role automotive engine oil additives continue to play in helping to meet increasing regulatory requirements and reducing customer total cost of ownership.

fuel economy

Oronite additives formulated into lower-viscosity oils help to maximize fuel economy. Our additives also enable engine technologies and operating conditions that would not be possible without improvements to the engine oil.

emissions standards

Our automotive additives are designed with a focus towards being more sustainable. Oronite has developed additives that reduce emissions and introduce lower-ash products to the marketplace.

extended service & durability

The durability and flexibility of our products help to reduce wear and viscosity changes due to operational conditions in the engine, minimize downtime for equipment and vehicles, and increase engine life.

Did you know?

Oronite products are on the road in 1 of every 4 cars in North America.

technical excellence in automotive


Recieved its first dexos1® Gen 3 approval from General Motors in July 2021.


Proprietary polymeric dispersant for viscosity and sludge control. Multifunctional molybdenum compound for reducing oxidation, wear and friction.


Unique olefin copolymer viscosity modifiers with enhanced thickening power plus low-temperature performance.

Being part of a global energy company, we have access to a vast amount of resources including corporate funding, which allows for supplemental, long-term strategic research. We also have access to world-class technology in diagnostics and analytical capabilities. These benefits continue to add up the value Oronite brings to our customers every day.